About Us

Zuura Formula Racing is an FSAE team from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai Campus. Vellore Institute of Technology was founded in 1984 by the visionary Dr. G. Vishwanathan. It is an autonomous institute which has grown over the years to become one of the best engineering colleges in India. Zuura is a Sanskrit word which means “warrior of good”; a brave fighter who represents virtue against all odds. and Zuura Formula Racing is armed with the intellect and commitment of 80 enthusiastic members spread across multiple fields of engineering.

Zuura Formula Racing is proud to be a part of this institution and takes great pleasure in representing the college at both international and national events. The team works diligently to design and build the best and most advanced Formula Student Car they can, to compete at FSAE events held across the globe and prove to the world that Zuura Formula Racing is a force to reckon with. FSAE competitions take students beyond the textbooks and into the the real world.

These events give students an opportunity to innovate, discuss, design, create and contribute to the expansion of the automobile industry. The judges and other competition staff are dignitaries from large corporations or educational institutions as well as many motorsport enthusiasts from around the world. Nearly 13,000 participants showcase their cars in the various events to win the titles of best car, best design and more.
We are specialized in:

  • Attaining practical technical knowledge.
  • Imparts managerial and administrative skills to students.
  • Cultivates efficient time management skills.
  • Creates team players.
  • Moulds students to professionals.
  • Handling of financial requirements.

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Our Team 



Arnav Gupta, Captain

vice captain

Akash Jain, vice-captain


Aditya kalra, Manager

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