A FSAE team from VIT Chennai.
Zuura is Sanskrit for “warrior of good”; a brave fighter who represents virtue against all odds. Team Zuura’s weapons are the sharp intellects of its team of 57, putting their all into conceiving a student formula car with merits of virtue and excellence so it can conquer at FSAE competitions held across the world
FSAE competition, is an opportunity for students to develop skills for object creation “il processo di creazione e di fare le cose”, which in turn contributes to the expansion of the automotive industry. The competition’s staff shall encompass dignitaries from corporations, educational institutes, and general enthusiasts of motor sports across the world. Nearly 13,000 participants showcase their cars in a series of events to determine the best design, best car, best innovation, etc.
The competition begins with a stringent vehicle examination and moves into the static events where criteria like cost, design and salable nature of the car is to be presented to a panel of experts by the team. Finally, there are a number of dynamic events to test how fast we can go and how well we can perform under various driving conditions. In the end, there awards for the various events and an overall winner will be declared as well.